Art is meant to be an outlet and break from the stresses of everyday life. Adults who participate in creative expression report reduced stress levels, improved coping skills, an increased positive outlook and an overall quality of life. You might be thinking “I haven’t done anything creative since I was a kid”. That’s ok!  We meet you where you are and let the creativity flow at YOUR pace!  Expressive has many options to get you started!
All sessions can be for an individual, couples, small or large groups/parties. Choose from any of the following:
Expressive Painting Sessions, Guided Painting Sessions, Customized Sessions- Pours, String Pulls, Pendulum, Hair or Body Painting, Finger Painting and more!

Join us to throw some paint (don’t worry you don’t have to get messy if you don’t want to!) and sing some of your favorite tunes (or sit back and enjoy others music!).  Bring your friends and your favorite beverages and wind down at Expressive!