Learn how to work with wood flowers – custom dye and learn small container arranging .

Wood flowers are biodegradable flowers handmade out of lightweight cream-colored sheets of cassava, sola, or balsa wood plants. The thin sheets are crafted in the USA by artisans into both life-like and abstract flowers of all shapes and sizes. They last forever with proper care and storage Each sola wood flower is made by hand (no machines are used), meaning that no two flowers are exactly alike, and that each one will have slight “imperfections” just like a real flower. They can be used in natural state or dyed any color you choose. They look and feel real. Interested in learning more about these wooden beauties and how to make a sweet small arrangement for your sweetheart (or yourself ) We provide containers (up cycled mugs, cups ). Or bring your own. Learn how to dye them in session A. and come back next week for session B to arrange Or choose from already dyed flowers and arrange with filler and greenery. Or you can purchase already completed arrangements that will be available on site

** Please note this session is SESSION B ONLY and pre-dyed flowers are available to choose from.**

 $25 for 3-4 inch container and supplies  $35 for 5+ inch container and supplies

Half of the proceeds from this class and flower sales will be donated to Forever Randall fund, benefit for a friend 's son who passed away in England -raising funds to bring him home .